Client Feedback

If there is one massage everyone should try in their life it has to be Katrina's eyes wide shut one. This is pure eroticism at its very best and left me desperately wanting to come back again and again. Impossible to describe here. Just go for it and jump right in. You will not regret it I can guarantee CHRIS GOLDING (LOOE, CORNWALL) 28TH OCTOBER 2020

I decided to try one of the Eyes Wide Shut massages and, boy, was this different. Almost scary at the beginning, with an almost dark and mystical air to the whole thing. But the erotic nature of the massage was unbelievable and I totally enjoyed myself to the extent that I already booked again BRIAN JOHNSON (PLYMOUTH) 19TH OCTOBER 2020 

Great tantric massage. VERY erotic. Supreme pleasure from a very beautiful lady TONT HEMMINGS (EXETER) 5TH OCTOBER 2020

Great balance between sensuality, fun and erotic touch. Superb massage in all aspects ALAN PESTELL (NEARBY) 18TH SEPTEMBER 2020

Can only say a huge WOW!!!! This was the Rolls Royce of erotica. Top quality and Covid safe. I will be back, and soon JEFF WILSON (PLYMOUTH) 5TH SEPTEMBER 2020

My fourth session with Katrina and this time I tried the Eyes Wide Shut massage. This is something I have only dreamed of before and ticked all my boxes in every way possible. Thank you Katrina for the most sensational massage yet STEVE HEYWOOD (SOMERSET) 23RD AUGUST 2020

Having waited until Katrina was back open again I was certainly not disappointed. The safety measures were exemplary and did not detract from the sheer eroticism of the sensual massage I had booked. I can recommend the Gold Plus massage which is wonderfully teasing and erotic DAVID BARNES (EXETER) 11TH AUGUST 2020

This is the home of sensual massage in Devon surely. Katrina has put together a wonderful and exciting range of massages that exude sheer sensuality and eroticism. I have tried several of them and they are amazing. I am in absolute love with this woman and her ability to make me feel so special. Many, many thanks and I will see you again in three weeks time GARY JOHNSON (PLYMOUTH) 19TH FEBRUARY 2020

Back again for Valentines treat for us both. OMG even better than before and last time was so hot it was untrue, so I will leave it to your imagination just how hot this one was LINDA & MARK THOMAS (EXETER) 6TH FEBRUARY 2020

My fourth massage from Katrina and still sensational. Brilliant! JEFF WEBB (EXETER) 5TH JANUARY 2020

Credit where credit is due. This is one hell of a sensual experience. Married 21 years and never felt like this before ever. She has got my attention for another massage soon JAMIE D. (EXETER) 28TH DECEMBER 2019

We decided to book a massage for each of us for our anniversary and we were well impressed. Katrina may be a pound or two more than on her photo but what an extremely erotic woman! Linda cannot stop talking about her massage and how Katrina pushed buttons she didn't even know existed (I am now learning them myself) and having Katrina then give me such an intense and sensual massage was more than either Linda or I could manage. Just WOW and WOW again. We will be back! LINDA AND MARK THOMAS (PLYMOUTH) 3RD DECEMBER 2019

I must state that my massage with Katrina was really very good and exceeded my expectations. I went for the 2 hours gold massage and am very pleased I did. This is one massage that every man should enjoy at some point in their life. Only problem is that for me it really cannot be a one off as I enjoyed it that much I want to experience more DOUGLAS HAMMOND (TAUNTON) 28TH OCTOBER 2019

Can't even begin to describe my erotic experience with Katrina. Just bloody amazing! TOM J. (TORQUAY) 2ND OCTOBER 2019

What a totally erotic creature Katrina is. I have just enjoyed the most pleasurable 2 hours of my life with her amazing hot massage. Her husband is one hell of a lucky guy MATTHEW PRITCHARD (BRISTOL) 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Wow! I wanted an erotic massage but Katrina gave me the most fabulous and amazing experience of my life. Somehow she managed to hold back my orgasm for 2 hours but I could have had a dozen orgasms, such was the intensity of this massage. What finally did it for me was when we used vibrators on each other and I watched her have multiples. I  just HAD to follow suit!!!!! DAN HART (EXETER) 18TH AUGUST 2019

I can only say this is the most erotic massage you can get. Hot oils, naked bodies, vibrators and orgasms. Katrina, I LOVE YOU !!!!!! TONY JOHNSON (BRISTOL) 27TH JULY 2019

Katrina's hottest massages yet! Try the one where you can massage her and enjoy being teased and brought to orgasm with her toys. I am addicted!! CHRIS WALKER (PLYMOUTH) 12TH JULY 2019

I have recently enjoyed the most erotic massage I could ever have imagined with Katrina. She is extremely talented and has a wealth of experience in massage, as our long chat afterwards confirmed. But giving myself to her for the erotic massage was simply mind blowing, especially when she massaged me from top to bottom, back and front, using just her oiled body instead of her hands. And then to be able to massage her, and enjoy her using her collection of toys on me was just too much for any man to take, resulting in both of us enjoying multiple orgasms. Absolutely wonderful. Words cannot describe the feeling of 2 hours of totally erotic pleasure I experienced. WOW!!!!!!!!! JAMES BELL (EXETER) 28TH JUNE 2019

Wow! Can't imagine anything as erotic as the Gold massages Katrina has here. Have tried 2 of them and have been completely blown away by each of them. Don't assume these are regular massages as they are xxx rated and very hot. Brilliant. Will be back soon KEITH GRIFFITH (EXETER) 7TH JUNE 2019

Sexy and so very suggestive. The Platinum one was so hot I was instantly turned on and stayed like that for 2 hours! Great experience BRIAN WILLIAMS (NEWTON ABBOT) 28TH MAY 2019

I have enjoyed sensual massage from Katrina for several years and this woman is the best, make no mistake. Her Gold massages are so hot and erotic they are addictive. Don't take my word though. Try and see for yourself JEFF WEBB (EXETER) 18TH MAY 2019

Oh my God! Just back home after experiencing Katrina's Nuru massage and still feel like I am on Cloud 9! This massage consists of both of us being naked and Katrina rubbing a slippery gel over her body and then mine. After laying me down on my stomach on this special sort of slippery mattress Katrina massages my entire body using just her body, so every part of her body is slipping and sliding over every part of mine. After turning me over she then pours more gel over our bodies and repeats the massage, and I can say without fear of contradiction that this was the most erotic sensation ever as her body slid over and over against mine. I will let you use your imagination as to just how erotic this is...........DAVID MOORE (EXETER) 3RD MAY 2019

I have enjoyed several tantric massages from Katrina over a period of 2 years and was very interested when she introduced her more erotic offerings on here. Having experienced my first erotic massage from Katrina last week I can tell she is onto a sure winner as she is simply the most naturally seductive masseuse and has the most amazing fingers and touch which means she can offer the very best experience there is. Beautiful! ALAN HILL (EXETER) 19TH APRIL 2019 

I can't wait until Easter when I will be back for a few days in the Bay and able to enjoy at least two more of Katrina's absolutely amazing massages. I have never experiencd anything like this before and don't expect to either, so brilliant is this woman. DAN H (PLYMOUTH) 2ND APRIL 2019

Just stunning experience. What an amazingly hot masseuse. Gold Ultra. 2 hours. WOW!!!!!!!! STEVE DAVIES (NEWTON ABBOT) 18TH MARCH 2019

I have been to see Katrina for different massages for several years and can vouch that she is an extremely seductive and wonderful woman who has the most unique touch and ability to trigger amazing sensual sensations in a person. Erotic and amazing TONY B (TORQUAY) 3RD MARCH 2019

Discovered this wonderful temptress after browsing for tantric massage in Devon. I booked a tantric massage and found it amazing and then Katrina told me about her new Erotic massages and I booked the Gold Ultra one for 2 hours. How she manages to create such intense eroticism into this massage is beyond me but I truly could have stayed the whole day enjoying this massage. Brilliant. Sublime. Sensual to the max. Just cannot describe how GOOD it was! VICTOR G (EXETER) 31ST JANUARY 2019

I treated myself to a Bondage session with Katrina and booked her tie and tease. This woman is so different from the soft and loving tantric masseuse I have enjoyed being massaged by from 2017. This other side of her is so unbelievably sexy and controlling. I loved it and have rebooked already DAVID M (TORBAY) 22ND JANUARY 2019

Nuru massage. Unbelievable. I am hooked! ANDY (PLYMOUTH) 14TH JANUARY 2019

I am so thankful Katrina has brought out her new range of sensual and erotic massages. Having experienced her tantric massages for a couple of years I often wondered what it would be like to be able to experience a more erotic massage from her, especially one where I could shower with her and be teased with toys etc. Well my fantasies became reality just before Christmas and I have to say I enjoyed the experience of my life! I simply adore this magical and alluring woman and find she has rekindled that spark I thought had died years before. I just cannot wait until the 13th January when I have my next appointment x GRAHAM HOWELL (DEVON) 8TH JANUARY 2019

Having spent yesterday enjoying the considerable delights of Katrina's Ultra Erotic massage, I am now back down to reality and wishing I was back in that steamy atmosphere of candles, soft flesh, my body being teased over and over by those long seductive fingers of the most erotic person I have ever encountered. Roll on next month!!!!!!!!BARRY (DAWLISH) 29TH DECEMBER 2018

Katrina has really shown how absolutely sensual she is with her new series of massages. She is without any doubt the most sensual creature I have ever had the pleasure of giving me a massage. Such bliss. Such eroticism. Such pleasure. Oh how I wish I lived so much closer!! DAN SIMPSON (KENT) 7TH DECEMBER 2018

Where to begin describing the hottest massage session I have ever dreamed about? First of all Katrina is a truly magnificent lady, oozing sexuality like a cat as she writhed over me massaging every part of me with her beautiful body. She has this ability to totally relax me and I felt at times as if I were another person looking down on some other lucky man being caressed, slid over, teased and slowly massaged into submission, but of course, all the time it was me experiencing those wonderful sensations. I cannot go into all the details of the massage but what I can say is that I have never experienced anything like this before and I doubt I ever will outside of Katrina's studios PETER ALLEN (BOURNEMOUTH) 4TH DECEMBER 2018 

This lady oozes passion and sensuality in abundance. I was so aroused both physically and mentally for the entire 2 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I really felt as if I were on another world, such was the pleasure Katrina afforded me. Great experience in every way JAMES (EXETER) 28TH NOVEMBER 2018

Fantastic massage from Katrina. Ultra sensual and such fun to be able to massage her as well. Will certainly be back again! ROBERT HILL (TIVERTON) 16TH NOVEMBER 2018

I have never had so much fun, pleasure and enjoyed myself as much as I did yesterday while experiencing Katrina's Nuru massage. This was an entirely new concept for me and one which I thought was only available in London, but boy, Katrina is an absolute expert in administering this form of massage. I had the 2 hour Nuru massage and will certainly be booking again in the very, very near future (hopefully next 2 weeks) ROBERT (REDRUTH) 2ND NOVEMBER 2018

Have to agree with others on here, Katrina is an amazing masseuse and her Gold Ultimate is out of this world. Very, very highly recommended JAMES (PLYMOUTH) 26TH OCTOBER 2018

What a fabulous experience. I have already rebooked for next month. The best !! THOMAS (EXETER) 21ST OCTOBER 2018

Have to recommend Katrina for what must be the most erotic massage ever! This woman is so sensual in everything she does, it is simply amazing. I booked the Ultimate massage and have to admit this far exceeded my expectations in every way, shape and form. Pure eroticism. COLIN ADAMS (BRISTOL) 16TH OCTOBER 2018

Nuru massage from Katrina! Wow!!! Amazing. LES H (EXETER) 9TH OCTOBER  2018

Hot massage from a really hot lady. Best massage in Torbay in my opinion GARETH (CHELSTON) 29TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Talk about being spoilt for choice. I have experienced Katrina's Ultimate massage (and believe me it really is) and the Nuru massage which is unlike anything I have ever had before. Like liquid sex on a slippery mat! Unbelievable experiences and I will be back in Devon again shortly so it is a huge WAHAY! CHRIS (RUGBY) 17TH SEPTEMBER 2018

I can only repeat what others have put here. Genuinely erotic massage as good as anything I have experienced before and better than most that are far more money. 10 out of 10. Go for it if you need to know more KEN (BRIXHAM) 30TH AUGUST 2018

Having read the many comments on here I decided to book a massa ge with Katrina and opted for a 2 hour Gold massage which allowed me to share a shower with her and also massage her as part of the session. It was unbelievably erotic and it was exactly what I both needed and was looking for. I cannot recommend Katrina enough and will most certainly be returning. Here is a recommendation for her as well. Thank you A. TURNER (TAUNTON) 19TH AUGUST 2018

I have now experienced Katrina's Gold massage, her Gold Plus and her Ultimate massage, all within the past month. Have signed up for the Nuru massage as a colleague from work has been to Katrina for this and he is simply a different man after his massage. Can't keep him from talking about it...at all! I have booked for Thursday 9th so will try and write a review afterwards DAMIEN BROWN (DEVON) 9TH AUGUST 2018

2 hour deluxe massage from Jon. Amazing experience and great value. Better than I expected, in fact MUCH better than I expected CLIFFORD (TORQUAY) 3RD AUGUST 2018

OMG! Just back home after a 2 hour Tie and Tease session with Katrina. What an amazing transformation! I have enjoyed numerous massages from Katrina in recent years but this was my first experience of her as a Mistress and I couldn't believe this was the same person. I think I have totally fallen for her Mistress persona as she has unlocked part of me I didn't even know existed and I am hooked!! TIM GILDER (ST AUSTELL) 31ST JULY 2018

As promised last month I duly had the Nuru massage with Katrina. How to describe the experience is my biggest problem now. It is 100% totally different than any other massage I have had but it is a massive turn on from first to last minute. Katrina seems to glide across, around, up and down and all into my naked body, a clear gel like substance providing a lubrication that had our bodies slithering and sliding in what has to be the most erotic experience known to man! It is just so difficult to actually do this experience justice as there is nothing I can compare it with - everything else pales in comparison. The only way really is to experience it yourself. But prepare to be absolutely blown away by it! JIM MASON (TAUNTON) 25TH JULY 2018

If you are reading this page then you are obviously looking to book a sensual and erotic massage. Look no further as Katrina and Jon are quite simply the best exponents of their craft I have come across. Having had the immense pleasure of visiting both as an individual and with my wife I can testify to the wonderful massages they give. Enjoy. FRANK K (EXETER) 18TH JULY 2018

My wife and myself have both had the pleasure of Katrina's Nuru massage recently and, apart from the fact that it was the hottest experience we have ever enjoyed, we became so turned on that when we returned to our hotel after we had the best and hottest sex we can remember, ever! So much of a turn on watching your wife/husband being massaged to orgasmic pleasure by a sexual woman covered in hot gel. If only we lived nearer we would be back every couple of weeks! JAMES AND TRICIA BROOKS (LONDON) 13TH JULY 2018

Just totally erotic from start to finish. Never had anything like it. Toys etc....wow!! Booked the Nuru for next month. DAVID (TIVERTON) 7TH JULY 2018

I agree with everything written on here but for those who haven't had the Nuru massage, this is a seriously erotic massage and pleasure in abundance. I absolutely adore it and Katrina is the sexiest woman ever!!!!!!!! ALAN LANGFORD (EXETER) 5TH JULY 2018

About a year ago I first came across Katrina and booked a Gold massage with her from her tantric page. This was a beautiful massage and also very sensual and something I found a huge turn on. I decided to book each month and try a different level of her massages, which I admit was simply mind blowing. However, after she launched her erotic and sensual massages on this website I booked one of these and found it to be, well, so erotic that it changed the way I view eroticism and sexuality. Each of these massages are different in their content but just when you think nothing else can be more erotic, more sexual, more hotter, than the previous one, you find the next one you book is even better! I have recently enjoyed Katrina sharing a shower with me and creating such an amazing bonding with me in the shower that I felt weak at the knees with the thought of what was to follow. Being able to then massage Katrina's wonderful sexy body would be everyone's dream and for me it was the ultimate, or so I thought. But then I found myself being taken to the most extreme heights of pleasure as Katrina proceeded to massage and pleasure me with a succession of sex toys that just conspired to blow me away into the very heights of wonderful pleasure. I cannot imagine anything else being better than this, but Katrina has advised me to book her new Nuru Gel massage which is supposed to be the most erotic massage ever. So, I will write again after experiencing this soon. Tip for anyone out there wanting the hottest and best massage..... book Katrina asap JIM MASON (TAUNTON) 27TH JUNE 2018

Having taken the decision to book a sensual massage with Katrina I decided to go for the Erotic massage where we massaged each other and I am so glad I did. Massage will never be the same after this experience. To say it was highly erotic is an understatement. God, I just love this wonderful sexy woman and cannot wait to come back for my next appointment! MALCOLM CROSS, PLYMOUTH, 20TH JUNE 2018

This has to be the most sensual massage in Devon. Chose the NURU massage and cannot adequately describe just how amazing it is. I have had massage for years across the UK and have not experienced anything remotely as good as this.Thanks Katrina for a truly remarkable 2 hours GORDON STUART, EXETER, 16TH JUNE 2018

Four handed massage with Katrina and Jon. So turned on it hurt! I have never experienced anything as hot as these two sexual beings before and have already booked again for next month TERRY ANDERSON, DEVON, 13TH JUNE 2018

I have had both the Gold erotic and the Ultimate erotic with Katrina and yes they are amazing massages and I found Katrina using the toys on me and herself so damn erotic I almost orgasmed there and then. I am going to try the Nuru one next week as I know someone who had it already and he said it totally blew him away. Will send in a review afterwards JIM BROWN, TORQUAY, 7TH JUNE 2018

Not sure if I agree with you there Mark Hall. I haven't had the Nuru massage admittedly but I have experiencd Katrina's other massages especially the one where I get to massage her naked body and she uses her toys on both herself and me during the massage, and believe me, that is AMAZINGLY HOT! If the Nuru one is better than that it must be seriously hot! SAM, EXETER, 3RD JUNE 2018

Just book the Nuru. The others are great and really hot but nothing can beat the Nuru. So so hot. I wish I could go every week. Katrina, you are one amazing, hot woman!! MARK HALL, PLYMOUTH, 30TH MAY 2018

Having had several tantric massages from Katrina over the past couple of years I decided to try her newest massage, a Japanese Nuru massage, which is known as the most erotic massage globally. I booked in and at the appointed time arrived, enjoyed a mutual shower with Katrina, which is hot in its own right, and then we went into the massage studio where Katrina lay me down on a very large and slippery sort of mattress before pouring warm seaweed gel over our bodies. Laying on my front I experienced amazing sensations as Katrina straddled my body and slithered and slipped up and down and sideways over my body, giving me a complete body to body massge without using hands or fingers. She twisted her body so that she was across me, upside down on me and all the time the seaweed gel enabled her to slide continually over me. Sheer heaven! After turning over and laying on my back she repeated the same techniques, sometimes her legs and feet on my chest and shoulders, other times her head by my feet and her thighs on my chest. We were both slithering and sliding, covered with gel as she continued to massage me, straddling my body, her thighs either side of me as she slid up and down and side to side. I can say here and now that I have never been so turned on in my life and as we moved towards the end of the massage I could feel waves of orgasm flowing through Katrina and this triggered an amazing sensation for me as well. Amazing, unbelievable, hotter than hot etc etc. Trust me, this has to be experienced as there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, like it out there. As for me, I am returning end of the month for my next fix. TONY GREAVES, SOMEWHERE IN DEVON, 24TH MAY 2018

I have enjoyed the Japanese Nuru massage with Katrina earlier today and must say what a fantastic experience it was. Yes, it was extremely sensual and very, very erotic, but it was also wonderful fun and together we had a great time, slipping and sliding over one another as Katrina gave me an exhllarating massage with her body. Though being hugely aroused for the whole time, I savoured every moment and prayed for the clock to go slower, such was the fun and pleasure I received. Katrina is certainly a stunning woman and has an amazing natural sensuality about her that is so attractive. Of course I will be back again. And soon! STEVEN MARSHALL, DEVON, 18TH MAY 2018

I have already posted one review regarding my erotic massage from Katrina last month and now, having sampled her new Nuru massage, I am submitting this one. This is amazing. Yes amazing. The sheer pleasure of having Katrina covered in a sensual gel sliding all over me massaging me with her entire body both back and front took me way past my level of endurance and I can only state that this is the Rolls Royce of all the massages I have ever had. It really has to be experienced as there is nothing like it out there at all COLIN HART, PLYMOUTH 13TH MAY 2018

Booked a 2 hour erotic massage (ultimate erotic) with Katrina last Tuesday and have to confess I was totally 100% blown away by the experience. It was as if all my fantasies were all rolled up into one and had literally come true! Every aspect was brilliant and I spent the whole time aroused to a level I had not experienced before. To have a beautiful woman showering you, massaging you in every part of your body then inviting you to do the same to her and then completing the experience by using her toys all over your body......undescribable. Simply undescribable. I have rebooked for next week and cannot wait! TOM BAKER, EXETER, 10TH MAY 2018

Having had a tantric massage from Katrina in January I followed the link to this, her new site, and decided to book in for a 2 hour Ultimate erotic massage. Her tantric massage was beautiful and very sensual and I submitted a review on here, but this new massage is all of that plus Katrina massages in a much more erotic style and afforded me the opportunity to massage her as well. In her tantric massage she was not in favour of male ejaculation, which I understood, but in the Ultimate erotic one that is not a problem and I enjoyed a wonderful and powerful orgasm which was truly amazing. Highly recommended DEREK BROWN, NEWTON ABBOT, 4TH MAY 2018 

How do I write a review of the Japanese Nuru massage I had yesterday from Katrina? With great difficulty. This is one massage that really does need to be experienced to appreciate the massive sensuality of what the receiver is experiencing. Yes, I could easily write about laying on a slippery Nuru mattress, covered in gel, and how Katrina, equally covered liberally in gel, writhed up and down on me, slipping and sliding in every direction, creating a level of arousal throughout my entire body which I had never felt before with such intensity, her straddling my body on both my front and back sliding the gel into every part of me. I could also write about the sheer erotic aspect which is totally unique in a massage such as this. But the facts of the matter are quite simply that no amount of words and descriptions would do justice to this Nuru massage. It is impossible to correctly give a reader a true feeling of what this massage is about. It has to be experienced to get that. And I dare anyone to have this massage and to then be left disappointed. An absolute MUST!  BRIAN JOHNSON, DEVON, 30TH APRIL 2018 

I am submitting my thoughts on what has to be one of the most erotic experiences a man can have, and right here in Devon. I had thought about booking a tantric massage with Katrina for a few weeks but then noticed a link onto her website in which she also specialises in erotic massage. After visiting the website, I duly booked a 2 hour massage with her, called Ultimate Erotic. Let me say here and now that this massage was as sensually erotic as I could ever have anticipated or expected. Imagine sharing a shower with Katrina, being sensually soaped and washed by her, laying naked on a floor futon and having her massage every part of you with her naked body, being allowed to return the pleasure by massaging every part of her and then being treated to even more wonderful pleasures and you may be able to understand what I mean. Katrina produced some amazing toys from her personal collection and proceeded to use them liberally all over every inch of my body......and I do mean every inch! The levels of ecstacy I reached cannot really be described. Suffice to say my whole body seemed to explode with the most unbelievable orgasm of my life and I ejaculated copiously without being able to prevent it. Katrina had taken me to a place I had never known before but I knew I loved being there. More reciprocal touch, more toys and then Katrina joined me in her own orgasm, a series of mini earthquakes which was the perfect ending to my massage. Katrina had told me from the outset that her erotic massage does not focus on making me orgasm but she said the sheer levels of arousal would be almost always too much for someone not to orgasm! How very true! This is EXACTLY what a real sensual massage at the highest level should be about. Nothing tacky or mechanical. Pure passion, stimulation and wonderful sensual sensations all flowing together to create a sensual earthquake in both client and masseuse. Many thanks, Katrina for showing me just what I have always been missing. CLIFF, TORQUAY, 26TH APRIL 2018

How on earth I can adequately describe my massage yesterday from Katrina I just don't know. I went the whole hog and booked the Ultimate Erotic version and I feel totally blown away by the whole experience. Showering with Katrina and being gently washed by her was erotic in itself but to then have her massaging my body with her body was almost more than I could take and I will be forever grateful that she used her touch to prevent me from ejaculating after just 20 minutes or so. We then moved on to the part where I massaged her and believe me, to see her body respond to my massage, though I have no experience at all, was another great turn on. And still it kept getting even hotter as she produced different toys and vibrators which she used on both of us. I felt as if my whole body was about to explode but she expertly knew when to ease a little before taking me right back up there again, right on the edge of orgasm. I have never, ever felt anything like it before and it really is impossible to describe it properly. I simply could not hold back any longer and had the most powerful orgasm I have ever known even though Katrina did nothing to trigger this. My body involuntarily responded to all that had gone before. Finally we showered again together and after chatting for a while I left and had to sit in my car for almost half an hour to regain my composure. Yes I had enjoyed my once in a lifetime treat for myself, BUT lol I have already pencilled in a date for another one! How can I not come back? Impossible!!! DAN, SOUTH HAMS, 24TH APRIL 2018 

What  a truly amazing experience. My massage with Katrina was unbelievably erotic and I simply cannot forget even one tiny detail as it has remained in my thoughts each day since. I had the massage with shared showers and this alone was sensual beyond words. Being bathed by a beautiful naked woman is about as good as it gets...and then there was the massage. I just didn't realise that it was possible to have such a sensual massage in Devon. I will definately be back for the same hot massage with Katrina JAMES HILL, EXETER, 20TH APRIL 2018 

At last a decent local erotic massage from someone who genuinely cares about their clients. I had been to see Katrina several times before for tantric massage, which in itself is a great sensual massage and something which she is superb at giving, but she has now raised the bar substantially with this new group of much more sensual offerings. I opted for the 2 hours Ultimate erotic massage and was completely blown away. Spending 2 hours with Katrina leaves you feeling you have known her for years as a friend and it is almost forgotten that the two of you are sitting there naked chatting away. Such is her warmth and friendly approach, which all adds up to a truly wonderful experience. Of course I will be back. ROBERT H, TORQUAY, 17TH APRIL 2018 

If you have dreamed about having a gorgeous, seductive and naked woman massage your entire body with their own naked body, soaked in hot scented oils, taking you to heights of pleasure you have not even thought possible, and then being able to reciprocate by massaging her.......then this is for you. Up until 12 hours ago, I was in that category. Not any more. This is HOT. More than that, it is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! KEITH BROWN, TIVERTON, 13TH APRIL 2018 

I am sitting in my home reflecting on the most unbelievable massage experience I have just had and asking myself if I were indeed imagining it! I booked a 2 hour Gold Erotic massage with Katrina beginning at 10am this morning and arrived ready for my expected pleasant massage. What I actually received far exceeded any expectations I had and instead was treated to an unforgettable sultry 2 hours of unashamed pleasure from Katrina, which included being pampered and seductively washed while sharing a shower with her prior to the massage, as well as being able to massage her for over half an hour during the session. Oh, heaven! She massaged every part of me with hot oils and I found myself being brought to continual extremes of ecstacy as she massaged my body using her entire body covered in hot oils. I so wish it could have gone on all day long, such was the effect on me, and as I sit writing this I am still on an incredible high even 7 hours later. Such sublime pleasure as this is something I have never experienced before. Yes, has to be the most sensual massage in Devon. Or anywhere in the West Country, come to that. Highly, highly recommended. TONY WRIGHT, BOVEY TRACEY, 12TH APRIL 2018

Review of my sensual massage this week from Katrina. Location: Easy to find just off main road outside Paignton. Studio: Clearly very professional set up with office, reception, changing room, bathroom/showers and massage room. Massage: Unquestionably one of the hottest massages I have ever had the pleasure of receiving, if not THE hottest! I felt as if Katrina and I were  like liquid together as she gave her amazing body to body massage. Katrina: Superb and expert at giving an erotic/sensual/sexual massage, she exudes sensuality. Overall impression: This has to qualify as the best sensual massage in Devon. Pure eroticism. DANIEL S, EXETER, 10TH APRIL 2018  

I have previously been to Katrina for a sensual massage and can confirm this really is one extremely hot erotic massage. I adore having this gorgeous creature pampering me and making me feel 25 again! Sharing a shower with her and then being able to not only enjoy her amazing massage but also being able to massage her body myself is simply one of life's great pleasures. I look forward to my next visit in anticipation! COLIN HART, PLYMOUTH, 8TH APRIL 2018


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