katrina offers sensual massage in devon


Sensual Massage in Devon                        

A sensual and erotic massage is something that everyone should experience at some point in their lifetime. To be able to step outside the stresses which we endure in everyday life in the world we live in today is an important element in our personal wellbeing. To have the opportunity to be pampered, teased, titillated and pleasured by a naked virtual stranger is incredibly erotic and is not only a welcome respite from normal life but adds a totally different aspect to how we regard ourselves, both sexually and physically.

As well as the obvious pleasurable aspects, a sensual massage in Devon with me can also be helpful with many of the physical issues that numerous men live with on a daily basis, such as inability to achieve and maintain an erection, or premature ejaculation. The tantric element in my massages is designed to help with this, so why suffer in silence any more? 

An erotic massage with me allows the participant to indulge in both imagined and actual fantasies in the warm and safe surroundings of my beautiful studios just outside of Paignton, in South Devon. In all of the erotic and sensual massages I offer, both myself and my client are naked throughout and all massages are given on a massage futon on the floor, not a massage table. This enables full and total body to body contact during the massage and adds greatly to the sensuality. 

I offer various sensual massages, all of varying levels of content and erotic pleasure. Depending on which erotic massage is chosen, these can include the use of feathers, blindfolds and hot oils. For the more adventurous I also offer several 4 handed sensual massages which are incredibly erotic plus the top of the range EYES WIDE SHUT massage, either by myself or with Jon.

Just imagine my sensual hands softly exploring every part of your body and my manicured fingertips gently brushing your skin as our bodies touch, sending waves of pleasure through you, your senses enhanced as I pour hot oils onto our bodies in preparation for your erotic body to body massage............

Please view the sensual massages I offer on the next page and see exactly what awaits you should you choose to indulge in pure pleasure with me. Devon Sensual Massage is just a phone call away!

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